About me

Agile evangelist, football player and enthusiastic traveler

I was born in Prague. I am working like Scrum Master in Mall Group since february 2017. I am encourage the development teams to be self-organised. I am coaching the teams to become more efficient and to understand empirical process. I am helping to build agile community with other Scrum Masters. I was cooperated to build and sustanable those eshops (mall.cz, prodeti.cz, bigbrands.cz, bux.cz, kolonial.cz, rozbaleno.cz, ulozenka.cz) during my work in Mall Group. I was setup LeSS framework in Marketplace teams for improve cooperation more teams in one produkt.

I studied computer science at the Faculty of Economics on CULS. In 2008 I graduated as a Bachelor with thesis topic design websites for small and medium businesses. I went to Erasmus to Poland on the University of Wroclaw in the fifth year masters degree, where I met a lot of new friends from all over Europe. I finished my masters degree with a thesis on the subject of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM) in 2011.

After university I worked as a Project Manager in Ataxo Interactive, which are developing internet applications and tools for online marketing agencies H1.cz, AtaxAftero, ReachLocal. I was responsible for the development of internal applications Pathfinder to monitor KPIs and working time. Development of a tools to facilitate editing of PPC campaigns. I have managed more than 250 client websites. As a Project Manager i have experience with agile methods and withBasecamp, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker.

I was working like freelancer for financial group in Istanbul. I was doing Web Content Management for 10 websites in WordPress. I took care of the smooth running applications in PHP, especially on electronic signatures and internet banking. I had responsibility for the development of new multilingual websites.

Before Mall Group I was working in CA Technologies (Broadcom) as Scrum Master. I was making sure that my scrum teams live by the values and practices of agile. I had 3 teams and we were working together to satisfy our international customers with new development features. As a scrum master, i was responsible for continuous and stable improvement.